cancer awareness

Throughout the day of Relay, cancer awareness laps take place so that we can prevent and stop cancer sooner.

Evesham Relay for Life Cancer Awareness

Banner Lap

Remember the theme for this year’s Relay is “Celebration, Glitz and Glamour”. Do feel free to decorate yours tents and dress up if you wish.

Teams can also make a banner around a cancer awareness messages such as…

  • Diet and Healthy Eating
  • Smoking and Tobacco
  • Exercise and Activity
  • Sun and UV Exposure
  • Body Awareness

Team members and their banners will line the track, so that our honoured guests, the Survivors and Carers, get your full support during the opening lap. Each team will have their selected song played as they begin to walk, then will have a photo take with their banner


Your Health Is Your Wealth

In this lap, we want you to celebrate your health. So we would like you to dress up in either a piece of fruit and veg or celebrate giving up smoking with a quitters outfit or cut down on alcohol awareness outfit.

In this lap you can keep it simple with things like a home made mask or go more extravagant.

Life’s A Beach

We are going to get ourselves sunsmart and beach ready! So SLIP on a t shirt, SLOP on the sunscreen, SLAP on a hat, SEEK shade and SLIDE on the sun glasses. The more decorated your outfits are the better. Don’t forget to add a sun awareness slogan!

Children’s Lap

Fancy dress for your children, children are our future. Start young and develop your children into the next generation of Relayers or Volunteers.

Through The Decades

Each year we Relay brings us a step closer to curing cancer, so lets celebrate this by looking back over the years. Another chance to dress up, you can slip on your windy hop dress, throw on your denim jacket or style your hair in a Mohican and flash back to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Why not look for an old cancer related slogan or advert so we can see how much the research has progressed.

Lean On Me

Buddy up with someone who has been there for you. Whether they have supported you through loss, held your hand during an appointment or been there during treatment, this is your chance to say thank you. Why not link arms, share a t-shirt or dress as twins.

Join the Fight And Light Up The Night/New Cures Eve
Your half way Relayers, this lap will be held at midnight, as a lovely end to the Candle of Hope Ceremony we will be lighting up the field with a celebration lap for all of the progress that has been made. Why not slip on some neon clothing, wave glow sticks in the air and even splatter the neon body paint and lets light up the night.

Fancy Pants

It’s underwear time (over the top of your clothing) and pretend to be a superhero! We want you to get decorating those bras and boxers shorts to raise awareness of breast, testicular and bowel cancer.

Stamp Out Cancer

Put your best foot forward and lets stamp out cancer together. In this lap we would love to see decorated feet, legs, toes, trousers etc as we unite and walk the opposite way around the track.

United We Are Stronger

White t-shirt

Each team will be given a white t-shirt, your challenge is to unite with your fellow Relayers and Survivors and get as many signatures are you can.

Hokey Cokey

Right leg in, right leg out, shake it all about! Together we come together to show we are stronger.

It’s A Knockout

It’s a knockout will include a few awareness activities too

Frozen t-shirt – sun smart.

Mummy Race – bowel cancer.